Wow, its been a year already! Time flies!

Wedding preparations are full of fun, but they are tiring as well. These moments give you memories for a lifetime. Our weddings are incomplete without the presence of near and dear ones, who are sometimes more excited for your big day than you are. It starts with the stunning wedding invitations, filled with the warmth of your love and excitement. It’s an official announcement of your wedding date and ceremonies to be held.

A traditional card with some sweets and gifts can cheer up everyone’s mood, but why not put some flavor into your wedding with custom invites that reflects your personality? What if your wedding date is just a few weeks away? How to send these invitations? How to reach your uncle and aunt or your best friend living far away from you, in Canada, US or India in just one click? Why not spare some time, energy and money for your wedding shopping, instead of worrying about the invitations?

When my wedding date was fixed, I decided to design my own wedding card. It was an Indian Punjabi style wedding, my card theme and colour choice were also inspired from the traditional Punjabi weddings. As my husband is fond of minimalism and I have a passion for colours, I thought of making it a blend of traditional but modern design with a minimalist approach. I wanted it to reflect both our personalities, minimalist yet cheerful.

The color ‘red’, carried by a married Indian woman, in the form of sindoor, bindi, bangles or by wearing red clothes, is considered to be one of the most auspicious colors for Indian weddings. The ‘circle’ with no defined beginning and ending, is symbolic of never-ending true love. The red circle completes the illustration by highlighting the wedding couple in their wedding attire. Another thing that completes the traditional wedding look of a bride in her red “lehnga” is gold jewellery, considered a blessing of her family. The ‘Golden Yellow’ letters are used as a symbol of golden moments, making the card more special for the occasion.

However things are not as easy as they look, it took me a week to plan and finalize the card design along with everything else going on for the wedding preparations. I used different mediums like acrylic and oils, but they didn’t win me over. Finally, I decided to make an electronic card by using illustration. Interestingly, I combined two different pictures of us into one, it was fun and something new for me. The challenging part was that my husband was my “client”, and it’s difficult to impress him.

Finally, when he said yes, it was time to announce the date of my wedding day. We post it on Instagram, Facebook, WhatApp, and also sent it personally to our friends. Everyone loved the card and the concept. We got tons of wishes for the wedding and appreciations for the card design. We wanted to do something creative on our wedding, and this made our wedding memorable for us..

An e-card is an environmentally friendly way to celebrate your day as it saves the paper for card printing, which in turn can save you money. It saves your time as well, you don’t need to go to the printers to order one as its just a simple message or click away.

They are more fun and creative in my opinion, as they can be customized the way you want. So, take one step further and order an e-card for your wedding ceremony. Whether, its you or your friends engagement, haldi, bangles or wedding ceremony. It is an interesting option, as it can be customized on a whole other level.

Let your invitation glow with your love and emotions!!!

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