As Canada has opened its doors for the citizens of any country from around the world, people are excited to live in this beautiful country. Whether you are about to move to Canada, or you are just planning for it in the future, you must be excited to know the things which makes people fall in love with this country. Here is the first reason.

Interestingly, fall in Canada lasts for a few months starting from September till the end of November, but its peak time is just for two weeks and its the best time to explore the outside world before winters. For most Canadians, it is the best time of the year to lost in nature and enjoy its beautiful colors. If you are looking to capture some nature’s beauty with your camera, it is the best time to do so. You will find only Pine, Cedar, and few other evergreen trees who don’t change their color while it is interesting to see transformation of tree leaves like Maple into stunning shades which makes the whole landscape look fabulous with their rich color contrast. The best thing is you don’t need to go far from your place to see it as there are conservation areas or parks in almost every city where you can enjoy this.

This fall, we went to Claireville Conservation Area during its peak season. It is a protected area where you will mostly find deciduous trees that changes their colors into different shades of Yellow, Orange or Red. Tall trees canopies of different colors seem to hug each other, celebrating nature. When sunlight falls through yellow leaves on fallen leaves on the ground, it feels like everything around you has turned golden, making the whole place look more livelier and beautiful. There are dedicated trails for visitors with the freedom to explore the area without any restriction. The site has a river, wetland areas or marshy lands, grasslands as well as other areas where you can eat fresh fruits when you feel hungry. As you have to walk a lot to explore the whole place you must have ample time, good shoes for walking and something to eat. Its a good picnic spot for nature lovers.

We got a chance to explore fall in Muskoka, Ontario, known for its beautiful landscape. We had a long drive from Brampton to Muskoka where we had planned to enjoy other activities like stargazing or watching northern lights at night, but we could not make it due to bad weather. It was an exciting journey where we had the chance to see village life and old Canadian houses architecture on our way. It was a relief from hustle life in cities with no noise pollution. Another interesting thing about our journey was that we found lakes almost every few miles. As it is a tourist place, you can enjoy lots of activities but one day is not enough, so book your accommodation advance during peak season as it is difficult to arrange such things on time.

Do you also like fall season? I hope you are planning to explore a new place in next fall. so tell us in the comment section which is your favourite season in your country and which are the places you had explored during that time? or any other plans?

Do you also like the fall season? I hope you have started planning for the next fall season.
Tell us in the comment section which is your favorite season in your country and which places you had explored during that time? Any other plans you have?