Think Canvas is here with all new fresh ideas, artworks and stories to keep your creativity fresh and your soul inspired and motivated. We are coming up with amazing paintings tips and everything you need to know about art. We are going to present our beautiful collection of artworks to brighten up your mood and to keep your spirits high. We are now all new and now working with new sustainable missions ‘Healing Minds’ and ‘Healing Nature’.

‘Healing Minds’ can help you to focus on positive aspect of your lives and to heal your imagination by refreshing your thoughts. It is not about carving out the perfect piece of an art but helps you to build more patience, self confidence and mental strength. It is like a medicine and a perfect meditation technique which only requires your minimal efforts, your patience and your attention. It helps you to live the moment in which you are.

‘Healing Nature’ can help us to strengthen our voice for fighting against environmental evils. We can see protests against global warming from all over the world. Art being one of the powerful tool can help us in expressing our thoughts and increase pressure to put an end on such activities.